What is The 30 Project?

I want to find out how the world approaches turning 30, and hear the opinions and stories of as many people as possible on reaching this age.

My plan is to talk to people from as wide a spectrum as possible – from those who have had wild success, to those who have struggled through some of the hardest situations a person can endure.

I’m also hoping to find out whether different cultures and generations have attached the same significance to being 30, and whether the people who are 29 and 30 now are feeling similarly to me.


The 30 Project is going to be a series of conversations released as a podcast, with a (hopefully) growing number and variety of people.

I have no idea how this is going to progress and turn out, but I’m hoping that the project will eventually show how experiences and cultures affect our approach to this milestone age, as well as finding out whether this pressure is universal or just amongst a certain demographic .

I’m hoping that through these conversations, I’ll hear some great stories and meet some amazing people, gain a better understanding of how other people feel and have felt, and maybe even make my own peace with having to tick the ’30-39’ box on forms.


I’m setting myself a few pointers that I’m going to abide by as best as possible:

  • Honesty is absolutely crucial. I aim to be as honest with myself as I’m hoping the people I talk to will be about themselves
  • No question is off-limits, from either side of the conversation
  • No touching of the hair or face

And that’s it for now! As the project progresses, this could be added to, but for now I’m sticking to those three.