Help me make this project work

You can tell me your story for starters. Seriously. Hit me up and I’ll come talk to you.

I’m planning on speaking to as many different people as possible and hearing as many different perspectives as I can, but my iPhone’s contact list can only stretch so far, and I’m not even on 500+ connections on LinkedIn yet.

Remember that guy who started trading items and went from a red paper clip to a house? Well I’m starting from the journalistic equivalent of that red paperclip. I need your help to grow this and make it possible for me to speak to all these incredible people that I know have great stories to tell.

If you or someone you know might have an interesting perspective on turning 30, has personal or professional experience that lends a unique voice to this project or just might be a cool person to talk to, I’d love to hear from you.

You don’t have to be near or approaching 30. In fact, I’m looking for people of all ages to make this a much more rounded look at the subject.

I’m based in London, but if you’re in the UK I can come meet you – hell, if you’re in the Bahamas, I’m sure I’ll make the time.

I’ve also drawn up a wish list of the types of people I’d like to speak to – if you know someone who fits any of the descriptions on the list it would be super helpful if you can put me in touch with them.

The bottom line, really, is that I can’t get this done without the help and goodwill of you guys – the good people of the internet and the actual real life world.

I’d be really grateful if you could lend a hand.